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Episode #226 – Back Of The Box: Rare 78rpm Shellac

Air Week: September 1-7, 2014

Rare 78rpm ShellacBack Of The Box: Rare 78rpm Shellac

This week, Matt The Cat digs deep inside the back of the “Juke In The Back” to dust off some 78rpm shellac plattahs that never get played. It’s a great opportunity to hear rare records by Edith Mackey, Dillard Croon Jr. & The Croon Brothers and Little Mr. Midnight. We’ll also load the juke with Albert Collins’ first single for the Kangaroo Label as well as Sollie McElroy’s first record after leaving The Flamingos. Have you ever heard of Gladys De Vore & The Flips? Dig on their 1956 single for Sapphire Records. We’ll also throw in a Wynonie “Mr. Blues” Harris side just for good measure. So get ready to jump, jive and wail to some seldom heard gems on this week’s “Juke In The Back.” 



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