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Episode #369 – Unsung Ladies of R&B

Air Week: May 29-June 4, 2017

Unsung Ladies of R&B

This week, the “Juke In The Back” solutes the Unsung Ladies of R&B! We’ll dig deep into a stack of shellac from some women you know, like Varetta Dillard, Ann Cole and The Cookies, as well as from some that you may not know, such as Gwen Johnson and Bonita Cole. Matt The Cat will also feature an audition tape by the seldom heard Olive Brown, which was never issued at the time. None of the chanteuses on this week’s program have catalogs deep enough to be main features, so we’ve gathered them together so they can shine on their own program. Pick up on what these ladies are puttin’ down on this week’s “Juke In The Back” and the “soul that came before Rock n’ Roll.”


Juke In The Back: Demo The Show


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