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Episode #256 – Louis Jordan, Pt. 5 – 1948-50

Air Week: March 30-April 5, 2015

Louis Jordan 5Louis Jordan, Pt. 5 – 1948-50

The “Juke In The Back” presents Part 5 of our mammoth, 6 part series, featuring the most important musical figure of the 1940s, Louis Jordan. He was the most successful African-American artist of the decade, selling millions of records to both Black and White audiences. Jordan charted 57 singles between 1942 and 1951, scoring 18 #1 R&B hits and 54 top 10s. Several of his records even crossed over into the Pop Top 10, which was an almost unheard of feat at the time. Part 5 of our series focuses on mid-1948 thru the beginning of 1950. During this time, Jordan only scored 2 #1 records and so it has become a much overlooked period in his career, even though he released some very strong singles. We’ll hear two songs that were featured in motion pictures as well as 2 duets, one with Martha Davis and another one with Ella Fitzgerald. Though the hits weren’t as strong as previous years, Jordan did score a career highlight with “Saturday Night Fish Fry,” which topped the R&B Chart for an impressive 12 weeks. His competition in the R&B Field was getting much stronger, but Louis Jordan and His Tympany Five continued to record and release top-notch material. Pianist Bill Doggett is even featured on a few sides. This is the second to last part of my loving tribute to the great and influential Louis Jordan.


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