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Episode #685 – Rhythm & Booze: Looped!

Air Week: June 19-25, 2023

Rhythm & Booze: Looped!

We continue our unsober series of vintage Rhythm & Blues drinking songs this week with Rhythm & Booze: Looped! In the past, Matt The Cat has focused on different types of libations and the places where you can consume said libations. This week, we’ll delve into your drunken state-of-mind as we dig on records all about getting looped, loaded, sloppy drunk and beyond. The Rhythm & Blues genre is full of such songs, because the music was aimed at an older audience and the bragging about how drunk you were, shows just how great of a time you were having. We’re gonna find out the ball that Melvin Smith, Peppermint Harris, Young John Watson (before he was Johnny “Guitar” Watson), Gene Phillips and Eddie “Cleanhead” Vinson were having. It’s gonna get messy, but that’s what it’s all about when you hang out at Rosie’s Juke Joint and the “Juke In The Back.” Drink up, cats n’ kittens!


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