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Episode #700 – Open The Door, Richard!

Air Week: October 2-8, 2023

Open The Door, Richard!

This week, for the 700th episode of “Juke In The Back,” Matt The Cat digs deep into the racks n’ stacks o’ shellac to bring you a solid hour on that catch phrase craze and cultural phenomenon, “Open The Door, Richard!” In early 1947, you couldn’t avoid hearing someone say “Open The Door, Richard” as the many recorded versions of the old Dusty Fletcher (maybe John Mason) routine were all over the radio. Though it began in the African-American community, “Open The Door, Richard!” soon spread into pop music as well as Country and Western. Dusty Fletcher had been doing this vaudeville routine for years, but it was Jack McVea who recorded it first. McVea’s record was so popular, hitting #2 on the Rhythm & Blues chart that Fletcher recorded his own version, which also went to #2. Soon, Count Basie, Louis Jordan, The Three Flames, The Charioteers and many others had versions of “Open The Door, Richard!” out and on the charts. It crossed over into the pop field and even placed on Your Hit Parade. It infiltrated American Popular Culture deep enough that the catchphrase was even used in Bugs Bunny cartoons. This week, Matt The Cat presents the story behind the “Open The Door, Richard!” phenomenon as he plays as many versions as he can find. You’ll even hear a few “Richard” sequel songs and answer records. So locate your keys as well as some loose change and dig on what everyone else was diggin’ on in 1947 on this week’s “Juke In The Back.” 


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