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Are you programming a public radio or commercial radio station?  Are you looking for an entertaining program that features the music that led to the birth of rock n’ roll?

What Is “Juke In The Back”?

“Juke In The Back” is a weekly, one hour radio program that traces the development of post World War II black music.  This is the music that formed an audio bridge between the big bands (of the 1930s and early 1940s) to the birth of Rock n’ Roll (which hit the mainstream in 1956).  It’s most commonly referred to as rhythm and blues, but it can also be called “jump blues,” because of its mostly fun, upbeat tempo.  This music was aimed at Black adults, so it deals with more adult themes like unrequited love, cheatin’, drinkin’, etc.  This is the music that Elvis, Buddy Holly, Carl Perkins, The Beatles and the Rolling Stones were listening to.  Chuck Berry, Little Richard and Fats Domino all got their start during this time period and would go on to become rock n’ roll royalty.  1950s rhythm and blues has never been fully appreciated or showcased on American Radio (outside of my own “Harlem” program, which ran for 7 years on XM Satellite Radio).  It is rock n’ roll in its earliest form and yet it is still virtually unknown to most people.  Many of these artists, like Wynonie “Mr. Blues” Harris, Roy Brown, Big Joe Turner, Professor Longhair, Ruth Brown, Joe Liggins, Lavern Baker etc, were kings and queens in their day and yet are almost forgotten today.  “Juke In The Back” highlights these important artists and this influential music and seeks to preserve rhythm and blues for future generations.

How Is “Juke In The Back” distributed?

Public Radio

You will find “Juke In The Back” available for demo and downloading on NPR‘s audio portal,  The direct link to the “Juke In The Back” page is

“Juke In The Back” is also up on Pacifica Radio‘s audio portal.  The direct link to “Juke In The Back” on Pacifica is

If you are a public radio station and do not use the above distribution methods, please contact Matt The Cat here and we can arrange for an FTP transfer of the program.

Commercial Radio

If you are a commercial station and would like to air “Juke In The Back,” please contact Matt The Cat here and we can arrange for an FTP transfer of the program.