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Juke In the Back On Radio:

WDYG 1450 AM in Dothan, AL

Monday Afternoons at 5pm Eastern

KMXT 100.1 FM in Kodiak, AK

Sunday Mornings at 5am Alaska Time Zone
Monday Nights at 11pm Alaska Time Zone

KRWV 99.3 FM Gold Canyon, AZ

Saturday Nights at 8pm Mountain
Sunday Afternoons at 1pm Mountain

KPSQ-LP 97.3 FM Fayetteville, AR

Monday Evenings at 8pm Central

KCSM Jazz 91.1 FM in San Mateo, CA

Saturday Nights at 10pm Pacific

KOPA 91.3 FM Pala Rez Radio in San Diego, CA

Sunday Nights at 11pm Pacific

KKRN 88.5 FM in Belle Vista, CA

Friday afternoons at 2 PM Pacific

KROV 91.1 FM in Oroville, CA

Saturday Afternoons at 3 PM Pacific 
Tuesday Afternoons at 4 PM Pacific

KMUD 91.1 FM in Garberville, CA

KIDE 91.3 FM in Hoopa, CA

Saturday Mornings at 10 AM Pacific

KDRT 95.7 FM in Davis, CA

Tuesday Evenings at 9 PM Pacific

KYGT 102.7 FM in Idaho Springs, CO

Sunday Afternoon at 1pm Mountain

KRZA 88.7 FM in Alamosa, CO

Monday Nights at 10pm Mountain

WNHU 88.7 FM in New Haven, CT

Tuesdays at 10 AM Eastern
Listen Live at:

WESU 88.1 FM in Middleton, CT

Sunday Afternoons at 2 PM Eastern
Listen live at

WSLR 96.5 FM in Sarasota, FL

Saturday Mornings from 7-9 AM Eastern
Listen live at

WPGS 840 AM in Orlando, FL

Sunday Morning at 10am Eastern

WPHX 101.9 FM in Ruskin, FL

Thursday Evening at 8pm Eastern

KAKU 88.5 FM in Kahului, HI

Sunday Mornings at 2am Hawaii

KPVL 89.1 FM in Postville, IA

Friday Nights at 8 PM Central

KWQQ MusicRadio95 950 AM, 94.9 FM in Farmington, IA

Thursday Evening at 11pm Central

KHOI 89.1 FM in Ames, IA

Thursday Morning at 10am Central

KRFY 88.5 FM in Sandpoint, ID

Saturday Afternoon at 4pm Pacific
Monday Evening at 7pm Pacific

WAZU 90.7 FM in Peoria, IL

Sunday Nights at 7 PM Central
Listen online at:

WYML 99.9 FM in Ingleside, IL

Sunday Mornings at 11am Central
Listen Online at:

WLPR 89.1 FM in Lowell, IN

Sunday Mornings at 4am Central
Listen online at:

KVPI 92.5 FM in Ville Platte, LA

Sunday Nights at 8 PM Central
Listen online live at:

WSDL 90.7 FM in Salisbury, MD

Monday Nights at 11 PM Eastern
Listen Live online at



WERU 89.9 FM in Blue Hill, ME

Wednesday Mornings at 1 AM Eastarn

WSKW 1160 AM in Skowhegan, ME

Saturday Evening at 6pm Eastern
Sunday Afternoon at 2pm Eastern

WBMT 88.3 FM in Boxford, MA

Friday Afternoon at 1pm Eastern

WOMR 92.1 FM in Provincetown, MA

Wednesday Mornings at 5am Eastern
Thursday Night / Friday Morning at Midnight Eastern

WXOJ 103.3 FM in Northampton, MA

KSRQ 90.1 FM in Thief River Falls, MN

Sunday Mornings at 4am Central
Sunday Mornings at 7am on their HD 3 Channel

KTWH 99.5 FM in Two Harbors, MN

Thursday Evenings at 8pm Central

WTWZ 102.5 FM and 1120 AM in Jackson, MS

Saturday Afternoons at 2pm Central
Sunday Nights at 10pm Central
Listen Online Live at

KZGM 88.1 FM in Cabool, MO

Sunday Nights at 7 PM Central
Listen Online Live at

KOPN 89.5 FM in Columbia, MO

Saturday Mornings at 5 AM Central
Listen Online Live at

KFGM 101.5 FM in Missoula, MT

Sunday Nights at 10 PM Mountain
Listen Live on 101.5 KFGM

KIOS 91.5 FM in Omaha, NE

Saturdays at 7pm Central
Listen live online at:

KZUM 89.3 FM in Lincoln, NE

Saturdays at 7 AM Central
Listen live online at:

WHWS 105.7 FM in Genva, NY

Saturday Nights at 9 PM Eastern
Listen live at

WGXC 90.7 FM in Acra, NY


WRFI 88.1 FM in Ithaca, NY, 91.9 FM in Watkins Glen, NY & 89.9 FM in Odessa, NY

Sunday Afternoons at 2pm Eastern

WRPI 91.5 FM in Troy, NY

WRAQ 92.7 FM in Angelica, NY

Saturday Nights at 11pm Eastern

WRFA 107.9 FM in Jamestown, NY

Tuesday Afternoons at 3pm Eastern

WSNC 90.5 FM in Winston-Salem, NC

Sundays at 3pm Eastern

WOVV 90.1 FM in Ocracoke, NC

Saturdays at 8pm Eastern

WLWL (Big Wave Radio) 770 AM in Rockingham, NC

Saturdays at noon Eastern

WEZU 95.9 FM in Roanoke Rapids, NC

Saturdays at 5pm Eastern
Thursdays at 7pm Eastern

WOUB 1340 AM in Athens, OH

Saturday Nights at 8pm Eastern

WEAK 106.7 FM in Athens, OH

Saturday Nights at 5pm Eastern

WDTZ Z98 FM in Delhi Township, OH

Saturday Night at Midnight Eastern

KPOV 88.9 FM in Bend, OR

Sunday Mornings at 8 AM Pacific
Listen live at

KXCR 90.7 FM in Florence, OR

Wednesday Evenings at 7 PM Pacific
More info at

KBOG 97.9 FM in Bandon, OR

Monday Evenings at 11 PM Pacific
Listen live at

KCIW 100.7 FM in Brookings, OR

Monday Mornings at 1 AM Pacific
Wednesday Afternoons at 2 PM Pacific
Listen at:

WIUP 90.1 FM in Indiana, PA

Sunday Afternoon at 2pm Eastern
Monday Morning at 1am Eastern

WFSN 96.7 FM in Union City, PA

Saturday Night at 11pm Eastern

WWCF 88.7 FM in McConnellsburg, PA

Mondays at 6pm Eastern

WUUK Sunny 105.7 FM in Canadohta Lake, PA

Saturday Nights at 11pm Eastern

WLDJ Hall of Fame Music Radio 107.5 FM in New Castle, PA

Saturday Mornings at 12am Eastern

WUTC 88.1 FM in Chattanooga, TN

Saturday Nights at 11pm Eastern


WOOL 91.5 FM in Bellows Falls, VT

Thursday Mornings at 10am Eastern

WFVR 96.5 FM in South Royalton, VT

Wednesday Mornings at 4am Eastern


WFOG 95.9 FM in Hillsville, VA

Saturday Night at 7pm Eastern
Sunday Afternoon at 4pm Eastern

WHRV 89.5 FM in Hampton Roads, VA

Saturday Night at 11PM Eastern

KMGP 101.1 FM in Seattle, WA

Saturday Afternoons at 4PM Pacific
Listen online at

WYAP 101.7 FM in Clay, WV

Friday and Saturday Nights at various times
Listen online at

WRNC 97.7 FM in Ashland, WI

Saturdays at 2 pm Central

WFDL 103.3 FM / 1170 AM in Waupul, WI

Sundays at 2pm Central
Listen online at



CJUM (UMFM 101.5) at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, MB

Sundays at 5 AM Central
Listen live at:


Radio Nirvana and Trash Can Radio on channel 10c DAB in London, England.

Thursdays at 7 PM
Listen at Radio Nirvana UK and Trash Can Radio UK

New Zealand:

andhow.FM 107.5 FM in Northern Porirua, New Zealand

Mondays at 8 PM Sydney / 10 PM NZ time
Fridays at 11 PM US Eastern Time
More info at


KPRG 89.3 FM

Thursdays at 9pm local Guam Time
More info at

Juke In The Back On The Web

detour MUSIC
at noon Eastern
Saturdays at 10am Eastern

Detour BLUES
Tuesdays at 2 pm Eastern

The Ride Radio
Saturdays at 8pm Eastern


Flaming Oldies

Sundays at 11 am Eastern
Wednesdays at 7pm Eastern

Oldies Your Way
Wednesdays at 1pm Eastern
Sundays at 3pm Eastern

Oldies Alternative
Oldies Alternative
Fridays at 8pm Eastern
Saturdays at 8am Eastern

Saturdays at 3pm Eastern
Thursdays at 4am Eastern


Sundays at 8pm Eastern
Saturdays and at 11pm Mountain (Sunday 1am Eastern)

Makeout Memories Radio

Saturdays at 5pm Pacific
Sundays at 6pm Pacific


Jukin’ Oldies

Wednesdays at 6pm Eastern


Stay Tuned America

Sundays at 10am Central
Tuesdays at 7pm Cental

Rockin’ Rhythm & Blues Radio

Sundays at 11pm Eastern
Tuesdays at 11pm Eastern

Ultimate Oldies Radio

Sundays at 10am & 10pm Eastern

WNYC-DB Oldies Radio Live 365

Fridays at 3pm Eastern

Racketeer Radio (WFQX) Seattle Digital Radio

Mondays at 4pm Pacific

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