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Episode #715 – The “5” Royales

Air Week: January 15-21, 2024

The “5” Royales

This week, the “Juke In The Back” features a rhythm & blues vocal group from Winston-Salem, NC that not only influenced James Brown, but quite possibly the entire soul movement of the late ’50s into the 1960s; The “5” Royales. They began their career as a six man gospel group called The Royal Sons Quintet. They kept their six member lineup even after they changed their name to the “5” Royales. They had legal battles with Hank Ballard’s Royals and their own label, Apollo Records, but managed to score two #1 smashes during 1953. Their sound was unique, their harmonies air-tight and their chief songwriter was also their guitarist, Lowman Pauling. His guitar playing influenced Eric Clapton, Steve Cropper and countless other guitar legends. The “5” Royales were much more than just a ’50s R&B vocal group and this week, Matt The Cat & the “Juke In The Back” are going to tell their story.


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